'We are priviledged to have this service in our school' - Head Teacher, Mainstream Primary

'I have seen a tranformation in this child. She has significantly grown in confidence and presence. I am delighted that she had the opportunity to experience Play Therapy. I am confident that she will continue to blossom' -Year 4 Teacher/Senco, Mainstream Education

'Play Therapy provided him with a place to be himself, to be witnessed and accepted. He benefited greatly from the presence of such a sensitive and caring therapist' -Northamptonshire County Council, Social Care

'Our relationship has improved. I feel calmer and more confident in knowing how to be a better parent' '-Parent, Midlands

'You have demonstrated a strong sense of your own self-awareness and have been thoughtful and sensitive about the imapct of your work and how best to manage this for the child and his family'

-Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton

'Play Therapy has helped me with my confidence. It has helped me to stop chewing and pulling out my hair. Play therapy took away my shyness' -Child aged 9