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Coaching is different to mentoring and is becoming increasingly popular with children. 


Coaching is a way of identifying and assessing what is not working and how a plan can be implemented to meet the needs of the individual, in helping them get where they need to be.


All coaching adopts a Child-Centered approach at the child's pace. Our coaches provide a safe and containing environment  where children are enabled to work through their own challenges.

Play is essential to every child's language, social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development. It contributes towards concrete learning for all children and young people including individuals who find verbal communication challenging.


Play Therapy is a process that allows the child to explore any issues past and present that are currently affecting a child's life. It is hoped that the child's own resources if accessed during Play Therapy will enable growth and change in the individual. During the process play is the primary medium and speech is secondary.


Play Therapy is effective with a wide range of issues including low self-esteem, behavioural difficulties, attachment difficulties, loss, separation, anxiety, emotional or physical trauma, experiences of abuse, stress, disturbed sleep, bullying and any significant life change that may have impacted the child such as fostering or divorce.











Amy-Louise fosters a Child-Centered Approach offering prescriptive Play Therapy. This is where the child takes the lead and chooses what to do. However, with her experience and knowledge of the child's Play Therapy sessions and their issues, she may offer directive techniques, but it is the child's choice to participate or not. 

Learning Mentors provide a complimentary serivice to teachers, parents/carers and other professionals, addressing the needs of children who require assistance in overcoming a barrier to learning in order to reach their full potential.


The variety of issues covered is vast from challenging behaviours, absence or truenting, loss, separation, bereavement, domestic violence and abuse.


Mentors provide each child with a containing and trustworthy relationship from which the child is able to explore a wide range of topics often with a Solution Focused Approach.


Often working creatively our Mentors are dedicated and innovative in meeting the needs of the children and families with whom they work.









Advice, guidance and resourcing is availble to parents/carers, adopters, teachers and other professionals as part of this type of support.















  ​'Birds Fly, Fish Swim, Children Play'

              (Landreth, 2003)

'Play Therapy is a way of helping children express their feelings and deal with their emotional problems using play as the main communication tool. To relieve the needs children, young people and adults suffering emotional and behavioural difficulties by promoting the art and science of Play Therapy and promoting high standards in the practice of Play Therapy for the public benefit'

(BAPT, 2014)

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Filial therapy is a highly successful application that uses play to help infants under the age of 3 as well as children up to the age of 14, in their Mental, Social and Emotional development. Filial therapy directly involves parent(s)/ carer(s)and is designed to improve parent/child relationships.

In Filial Therapy it is parents who are trained to facilitate child-centred play sessions with their children so they themselves are given the skills necessary to become the therapeutic facilitators of change.


The broad principles of Play Therapy apply: play is an essential form of communication and healing for children, providing a medium through which the child can express difficult feelings and work through challenging experiences in the presence of a trusted adult.


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If you are interested in other workshops available from late Spring -Autumn please contact Playing-It-Out directly for information and advice.

Playing-It-Out are facilitating a range of workshops.


They include 'Playing Together' which is a child/parent/carer experiential workshop facilitated to:


Strenghthen relationships and development of the child/parent dyad through play.


Understand the importance of play, imagination and emotion.


Develop self confidence as parents.


Others include:


Understanding Childrens Behaviour


Reducing Frustrations relating to parenting


Understanding Attachment Behaviour

Our tutors are all fully qualified teachers who are dedicated to the learning and achievement in every child. We cover EYFS through to Key Stage 3 tutoring.


Our tutors have a vast range of experience including extensive training in the areas of Special Educational Needs and working with Looked After Children. Each member of the team is confident in working with a vast range of challenges to children's learning and development enabling them to reach their full potential with 1:1 support.






























We offer practical advice and support for families. We provide programmes and workshops to help parents understand what their children need, manage difficulties and place wellbeing at the heart. Our outreach service ensures that support is accessible and relevant.

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